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Perlin noise loops

Hello everybody!

So its basically a Perlin noise random shape that ends up in the same spot. If you don't know what is Perlin noise, go here.

Feel free to fork it and make anything you want from it. You can even make the game Asteroids.

Upvote if you like and I'm looking forward to seeing what you can make out of this!

Note: This is made using the p5.js library.

Hope you have a great day!

credit: madhavan-raja in github i guess?


And i never even know that was there

Vandesm14 (2217)

Hey, we unlisted this because it looks like you plagiarised, I'm happy to relist it if you add more code to make it a separate program, and/or add prominent credit to the original author.


@Vandesm14 and ok

Codemonkey51 (735)

HRMMM I would do a file diff but ummm repls broken :)))) @DynamicSquid

andliu766 (4)

do you play


Yes, @andliu766 I do, but i not that good. My highest is dragon tier


Why you ask? @andliu766

andliu766 (4)

@blackjkl because you have a dragon as the picture.


oh ok. @andliu766 I just told you i play right?


And do you like koalas(if thats how spell it), @andliu766?