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Piero's 1st Ever Hackathon Submission: Pic Me
SpicedSpices (218)

This is a website that I made for Piero's 1st Hackathon that he started on July 9th. It is a sort of social media platform that you can send and receive images on.

To use this, you need to create an account don't use your actual password , and find a user to send an image to. You can pick a user or find a random user. Their profile will have 7 things about them. Their name, their credits, their favorite color, favorite food, favorite activity, favorite place, and their description.

You need to find or create an image that best matches their profile, and then you send it to them anonymously. They can then view the image, and pay however many credits they think the image is worth.

Everyone starts out with 1000 credits in their account, and there is a leaderboard for people with the most credits.

Thank you for checking out this Repl.

If you enjoyed it, an upvote would always be appreciated. If not, please tell me how I could improve this Repl in the comments. Thanks :)

DynamicSquid (2673)

I'll report anyone who sends me an octopus

Bookie0 (3285)

cool! but when ur on this page, maybe put a back button go back.
otherwise amazing interface, i love the colors!

AbhayBhat (256)

This is super cool!

firefish (308)

t doesn't work when I click the button...