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PixPaint - the Pixel Drawing Program
PowerCoder (690)

Use a wide variety of painting tools with speed and auto-saving to create the creation of your dreams. With clean and modern UI.

Features 📝:

  • Fill tool
  • Color-picker
  • Eyedropper
  • You can change brush size
  • Clean and modern UI
  • Pleasing icons
  • You can delete projects

This took a while.

Hope you are safe 😁!

SixBeeps (3218)

This is pretty neat. But, I'd use a circle of some sort for the brush because a + brush seems a bit awkward.

Other than that, this is nice and aesthetically pleasing!

xrksvi (3)

Woah! This is cool! One question, did you use the flood fill algorithm for the paint bucket tool?

PowerCoder (690)

@xrksvi No. I used a different algorithm called the recursive backtracking algorithm. I used it before for something else. And, I thought I'd use it again for this because of how simple it is.