Pixel Art Creator!
DynamicSquid (4343)

Hey guys! I made a pixel art creator! It allows you to create stunning pixel art! How stunning? Well I drew @amasad

Feel free to make this your pfp

Well that's cool! Who else can you draw with this?


Now, I don't know about you guys, but I'm using that.







I really like how the black contrasts with the black in that picture.






99% of repl.it users:

Random Scenery:

And my favourite:

Name: Polar Bear in Antarctica
Price Tag: $12 million

And yeah, that's about it. Everyone else is too hard to draw...

Select a colour and click a pixel to colour it. Click and drag also works. Hit c twice to clear the page. If you want to colour without distractions, hit SPACE to switch between modes. Oh, also, click the right mouse button to fill.

Post your work here!

Enjoy :)

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DannyIsCoding (666)

Happy Baby Yoda Noises

DynamicSquid (4343)

@DannyIsCoding dude that's insane well done! you could also press SPACE to remove the grid if that makes a cleaner image

DannyIsCoding (666)

@DynamicSquid OMG Thanks for the info. now it looks 2342324 times better.

Wilke000 (500)

what does "honk" stand for in wawa (goose)?

DannyIsCoding (666)

@IndyCarter Well it depends on the context and the intonation and length of the word/sound are very important. "Honk" means many things from "fish" to "flying". In this context I said "nice" ( like in nice picture)

Now you know more about how geese communicate

You're welcome

ridark (97)

@DannyIsCoding NOICE, but maybe you should have used more brown. Bu lol that is good! (For Baby Yoda)

DannyIsCoding (666)

@Programmer567 Ik, but brown was added after I did the picture

3DKTH3PR0 (2)