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Player Position Finder
AaryanNagpal (4)

This application helps the user find an appropriate position for each player in a football team based on their match statistics. A very helpful application for school football team trials!

SixBeeps (3504)

I was really confused because one of the positions was "goalkeeper" and I said "I don't think there's a goalkeeper in football? I mean, how would they block something so high up?". Then I realized I'm an ignorant American and I was thinking about American football.

AaryanNagpal (4)

@SixBeeps lmao, should've specified /soccer for the American viewers.


I play in my town as a defender.
and i am the best defender(i think) in my team! ;)

studentAlfredAl (440)

This is really good! Keep it up :)

MCrafterX (0)

I like how goalkeeper legit just has nothing for it, just oh.. you like playing goalkeeper? good for you :)

AaryanNagpal (4)

@MCrafterX I could've added more inputs for the goalkeeper but the python else function works perfectly so I didn't do it lmao. Yeah true though, goalkeeper is an underrated position for sure.