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Pokemon Arena
azhan (74)

Java Text-based Pokemon battle arena. Includes ASCII sprites, and special effects.

Nanowrimoijk (39)

i'm only getting "Hello world!"

17hama4141 (6)

Gyarados seems too strong

Meor (0)

It's ok,but I need flying type pokemon

Ansel01 (0)

it's good but needs more pokemon and more attacks

KrisjanHarnish (0)

I like it but if you use gyarados and then dragon rage you win

MetaMan (24)

pretty good, except i noticed that jigglypuff is a fighting type. the typings and weaknesses are a little off as well, but this is really good otherwise.

itbarsoum (46)

great game for a text adventure feels more interactive than many others

itbarsoum (46)

There should be multiple possibilities for each attack, like for dragon rage/gyarados shouldnt always be 100 damage it should differ based on the type of pokemon

itbarsoum (46)

but overall still 9/10 stars

redstonesteve (0)

more attacks would be nice, but I really like the game

JerryJin (1)

I beat the game!!

CarysS (18)

Over all pretty good. Gyarados is a pit Over Powered though. I was on fight 18 and pretty much one-shotted every enemy just using him.

JerryJin (1)

@caryss: I agree that It is a bit over powered because I won because of that

Squrril (2)

@CarysS I agree that Gyarados is overpowered, too. But all my other pokémon died but him, so...

SinisterSphere (1)

Won by only pressing one the whole time. Gyarados seems a little too strong

boredInteger (0)

nice idea
completely awesome!!