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Pokemon Battling Simulator
JimBob5 (171)

Play Pokemon against a friend with 6 random Pokemon. 30 Pokemon are currently available with 8 different types.

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LeonDoesCode (382)

Can I suggest You will need to rewrite quite a bit, and also do a few requests, but it could be worth it. All the stats, alsong with a lot of other information is there.

Love the game as it is though, can't wait to see you add more!

RayvelArjoon (95)

To make your game a bit more user friendly, introduce some while statements into your game:

while answer != 'yes' and answer != 'no':
  print('That is not an option!')# you could substitute that message with anything
  someThing()# run one of the functions again and clear the console
CharlesHood (1)

If i enter a number higher than 6 for choosing my pokemon then the game has an error. maybe in your error checking loop check if the number is between 1 and 6 as well.

JimBob5 (171)

@CharlesHood If I were to do that it would be a bit more complicated then that. For example different situations would require different limits and the number of Pokemon changes.

PatMorrison (4)

nice not working code. #COVID19KP2

ShadowAkira (2)

When I start, and it asks me "What display speed would you like (in seconds, can be 0)" if I input 0 then it shows this:

Could you fix this?
This is still really cool though.

merrillUwU (22)

culd you try to add eevee evolutions?

FreakingG0d (0)

nice but how come bulbasaur using absorb can get an over health

Zexogon (872)

screeches in variables

Warhawk947 (525)


l = 'l'
m = 'm'
a = 'a'
o = 'o'
while True:
   print(l, m, a, o, sep='')
BigMitch123 (0)

I found that it would crash alot

ImGrimReaper (0)

this game was amazing

willbs (0)

very cool XD uwu

LaneWales (0)

Wow just amazing, thats some dedication!

launcherman08 (22)

Nice job! One suggestion is to add an ending because my sister and I were playing, and she had zero pokemon. The game asked her to select a pokemon even though she had none.

JimBob5 (171)

@launcherman08 I have attempted to add an ending but it seems not to be working from what you are saying. I will try and fix it and let you know when I do.

JimBob5 (171)

@launcherman08 I think the game should now tell you who wins and ask you if you want to play again.

JimBob5 (171)

@launcherman08 Did it also ask you if you wanted to play again?

LoneAce (227)

Amazing game! You should try from replit import clear and clear() in order to clear the screen as it is cleaner. Cool concept btw :)

JimBob5 (171)

@LoneAce Thank you! I will use that in the code now and let you know when it is done.

JimBob5 (171)

@LoneAce I think I have now replaced all the line creators with clears.

OathOfCode (24)

@JimBob5 Love this game! Very fun! I have some suggestions though. If you use classes, it would make the code much simpler and cleaner. You also wouldn't have to use as many "if" statements as well.

Heres a link to my version of pokemon, but it uses classes. You may copy the code, change it up, basically do what ever you want to it to help improve your game!

JimBob5 (171)

@OathOfCode Thanks for the advice, I'll look into it.

SharkJohn (1)

This is awesome! How long did it take to make?

JimBob5 (171)

@SharkJohn I think I started the first version about 2 months ago but I haven't edited it for a few weeks before uploading it here.

generationXcode (268)

Very addictive. Nice game

WyattKeenan (19)

The only thing you could improve on is the layout. This is fantastic!

Thecrowbar1234 (136)

@WyattKeenan Yeah the layout is kinda weird

icloud (0)

Make it so it can catch errors

JimBob5 (171)

@icloud What do you mean by this?

generationXcode (268)

@JimBob5 for example:
print("ofcourse that wont work")

JimBob5 (171)

@generationXcode Thank you for clearing it up, I will try and add this to the next version.

generationXcode (268)

@JimBob5 np we're here to help each other anyway. also try and make it so that the whole program restarts after an error occurs

JimBob5 (171)

@icloud The program now prevents users from entering non-numbers.

Hyndoku (5)

This is great! I dont know if you have or not yet but you should add the type advantages next.

JimBob5 (171)

Thanks for the feedback, but they are currently added.