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HarveyH (159)

PolyBit is a C++ Kernel (or OS if you prefer that) and is very early in development.

How to get your software into PolyBit

Just send me the repl (it has to be in C++ or C++11), specify if you want the standard blue colour, a different colo(u)r, or plain old white. Here is a list of colo(u)rs you can use:

  • Red
  • Magenta (basically purple)
  • Orange (basically yellow)
  • Green
  • Cyan
  • White

Have any ideas for the OS/kernel and I will try to implement them.

Stages of Development

  • Pre-Alpha: Build 0 - 19
  • Alpha: Build 20 - 36
  • Beta: Build 37 - Current Version

I hope you enjoy it as it is my first C++ post!