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Pong Game
SurajPatel4 (0)

This is a game that I had made during one of the summer weeks. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Vandesm14 (2217)

Hey, we unlisted this because it looks like you plagiarised (, I'm happy to relist it if you add more code to make it a separate program, and/or add prominent credit to the original author.

Funkus (76)

This is a copy of a tutorial made by

SurajPatel4 (0)

It might lag sometimes, sorry.

Funkus (76)

@SurajPatel4 No, its fine, you literally copied the code of someone else and advertising it as yours. Give them credit if you can't make your own. It is there to help you guide making your own game, not to copy everything they did, and make a few changes here and there. Proof: