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SingularityV3 (27)

A simple remake of pong with some quality of life improvements.
It is a two player game, with the player on the left using W and S, while the player on the right uses the up and down arrow keys.
Depending on how the ball hits a paddle (and whether the paddle is moving, direction it is moving, etc...) it will ricochet in several different directions. If the ball hits the exact center of a paddle it will perform a "super shot" moving at high speeds toward the other player.
Enjoy and feel free to offer suggestions!
Note: It is recommended to open the game using this link:

21natzil (1091)

I like it! However I came across a bug, where the ball bounced back and forth, without changing direction.

SingularityV3 (27)

@21natzil That is normal, change the position of one of the paddles so the ball hits at another angle. (It has to do with the geometry used in the collision detection)

21natzil (1091)

@SingularityV3 I would suggest you add a slight randomness, just to add challenge, but it's up to you :D

SingularityV3 (27)

@21natzil That's fine, I'll see what I can do.