A chaotic generator that makes the funniest (and occasionally cringe) sentences
Centslord (102)

Hey everybody, I made a dare generator that makes weird dares you can give your friends to do.

It occasionally makes perfect sense, but do it anyway!

What will be the weirdest dare you come up with?

Counter --> 80 upvotes!? Thanks!

EDIT 2: 10:37 am, June 24: Added Colors!

EDIT 3: 10:50 am, June 24: Added a "While True" loop so you don't have to run the program every time!

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Programmer567 (39)

Poor essay (not really) ;)

Poor dog...

Never gonna let you down, run around, or dessert you...(terrible song continues in the manner of a dog)
I don't even wanna know...

Edit again:
Why are there so many IN FRONT OF's?