Duel Snakes!

From a little middle school project to an entry for this awesome competition, here it is:

"Duel Snakes," is a twist on the classic Snake games in which 2 players brawl it out, attempting to get the opponent to crash by using some tools put on the battlefield. The game allows you to modify your starting snake length and other things to make it real fun for you and your friends to play!

Here's the link to the game:

In case you're interested in the history of the game, check out the (somewhat rushed) documentation on google I made here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FNC2F9OrqUsjO4qPbZGAfjddZEauAU3aRsxIe6Q1dEw/edit?usp=sharing

The game may not be incredible, and the code may not be the best in the world, but I had an incredible time making it. The Repl.it Game Jam is where it's at!

Have fun!


Previews of the game:

Update Log


- Replaced the apples with coins to match a little more with the theme of the 
   game jam.
- Players can now lower the speed to their choosing, simply go to settings and hit 
   the reset button at the bottom, and you'll notice the FPS is dropped to 10. You 
   can still increase it to your preference as always. 
- Fixed bug where the snake heads are positioned incorrectly after you return to       
   the menu and hit play again.

- Big fat congratulations to the winners and runner ups of the game jam! This
game ended up on the gallery, but the "thumbnail" is literally just a picture of the
repl loading screen, with a tiny bit of code showing. f

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AbrahamTinajero (27)

Pretty good start for a slither.io clone. It does move a bit fast for my pace, so I'd recommend slowing down the frame rate to make it easier to move the snakes. Try out our game, called VOL.


@AbrahamTinajero Thank you for the feedback! I just added a setting which allows you to change the speed of the snake. Simply go to settings and then click reset, and you'll notice that the FPS is reduced down to ten. Have fun!