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LittleNomster (66)

Rawr!! Pretty circles!! Pounce's pretty circles

JideOlatunji (4)

@LittleNomster I found my wife cheating on me with my son. i'v been kicked out and i'm living at my friends house sleeping on the sofa.

JideOlatunji (4)

@LittleNomster and repl is the only website where i can be happy

LittleNomster (66)

@JideOlatunji oh no, hope it gets better, could be worse, like m situation.... i am currently 3 hours from home due to legal issues

JideOlatunji (4)

@LittleNomster I wish it would get better, my ex wife is pregnant with my sons baby. I don't want to live anymore, i have had enough

LittleNomster (66)

@JideOlatunji please carry on, i think you should live

RobertFurr (37)

Please not the rawr and the UwU