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Program to freeze your computer
HappyLunchBox (12)

There was nothing to do today, so I made a program to freeze your computer. It looks kinda cool. But you should not run if you don't want to freeze your computer. (If it freezes, shut it down and turn it on)

DynamicSquid (3554)

it doesn't do anything

aiden765 (12)

@DynamicSquid Seems like a pretty bad computer freezer. maybe his pc's just bad.

HappyLunchBox (12)

it kills the repl signal now

CursorsDev (128)

no actually, i can make something to crash your computer, but i dont think its legal if i paste it here

CursorsDev (128)

(º • º)
I can make this in one line in javascript:
while (true) {}
well, not computer, but hey, freezing a browser page is good enough

HappyLunchBox (12)

btw I admit it's fairly low effort so you can unlist it if you want mods.