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Project: Pokemon Text Adventure
LoneyWalrus (11)
I built this game when I was still learning python so there are a lot of nooby mistakes in it, or ways that I could have used to not have written as much code. I also didn't realize at this time that there was a replit module with a clear function in it, so I made my own simple clear function. Please don't make fun of any mistakes in the game, I was bad at python when I was coding this so I didn't know any better.

cynthiakynthia (0)

how do you go to the gym? (what do you type)


First off - Amazing game! Love the effort you put into it

But LOL why does Charmander's Ember deal 1k damage??? That's way too unbalanced

NoahJospeh (18)

Nice! Caught a Spearow at the beginning, you can't even do that in the real game. One question, what made you want the gym leader to have so many pokemon?

donaldtrumpgay1 (1)

i definately cannot make that!

trustmethisismy (14)

Wow this is pretty good for a text game (esp. since you made it when you was still learning Python) ^.^