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Proxy - Get Past School Filters! (Or other things...)
PYer (3571)

Hey everyone!
It's been a long time since I posted anything, but here's something new!

Here's a proxy that should fool simple school filters. By "simple", I mean normal. Or of course, you could use this do complete something else, you know.

No iFrame, or anything like that you've seen in projects before.

Thanks, and please suggest any styling ideas or any feedback!

UPDATE: Google blocked this site for phishing, I've contacted them and it should work normally now!

TheOnlyGoodOne (7)

You guys can check out my working one I made a couple of months ago:

TheOnlyGoodOne (7)

@ethanshaozz1928 Works fine for me its seems to be either your internet, your computer, your firewall, or it might not be accessible in your region. See I live in Japan so the repl might be stored on only Japanese repl servers. I wish you luck in getting it to work! -Jack

PYer (3571)

Try again! That was google, but I've contacted them. @OrangeJooce123

EekulD (19)

It says that for all proxys. It thinks it's going to steal your info. @Kookiez Just click Details and it'll have a small button at the bottom saying continue to site, just for future reference

Kookiez (305)

@EekulD oh ok. this comment was so long ago lol

firefish (877)

Rroxy Punning Guccesfully, Sreat

Ah yes, spoonerisms

lightningrock (139)

Problem? It worked at first.

Jeydin21 (61)

@lightningrock Since it's a JS repl I think it has to be pinged every 5 minutes, I forked it and set up Uptime Robot and it works all the time for me.

ethanshaozz1928 (24)

@Jeydin21 the copy with the Uptime robot

lightningrock (139)

uptime robot is a not something that u put in your code, its a website.

ZDev1 (818)

My school doesn't block any websites, LOL!
But good job on it 😉

RemyBozung (65)

Cool! it works great!

angrydoge (305)

You know what my school did? they blocked this

hello1964 (26)

It brings up a screen that says people are going to hack me :(

PYer (3571)

It should be fixed now! You can try again! @hello1964

HiPeople844 (19)

when i used it to try, it just crashed Chrome

EekulD (19)

error :: Hmmmm.... We Couldn't Reach Your Repl
Make sure your repl has a port open and is ready to receive HTTP traffic. ??

Codemonkey51 (923)

frick proxy in domain name and my skool has blocked it

EpicGamer007 (1037)

@Codemonkey51 , my school blocks sites which means i cannot do any html/css/js :(

EpicGamer007 (1037)

@Codemonkey51 , yes yes :( hopefully @PYer gets this back up, it is my only way of looking at coder100's games and etc.

Codemonkey51 (923)

Hopefully he'll get it back up @EpicGamer007

PYer (3571)

@EpicGamer007 Sorry, for some reason uptimerobot only has it up 80% of the time. Try again, and contact me if it fails again!

EpicGamer007 (1037)

@PYer ok i will, I am so happy you used your subdomain, my school comp blocks sites so i would not be able to use this if it was a site so thanks for doing that :D

Edit: YAY, it works!:D

PYer (3571)

Thanks! The reason I used my domain was so that if a school wanted to block my proxy, they wouldn't end up blocking all of If that happened I'd have half the students on angry with me... :) @EpicGamer007

Jeydin21 (61)

Discord doesn't work, I don't know if it's my school district's exceptionally FREAKING STRONG AS HECK blocker, or if it's the repl. Probably the blocker. Enjoy an upvote from me anyways, I love this kind of stuff.

HahaYes (1284)

hmm no io support?

JosephSanthosh (1188)

i was thinking the same as well, i miss
;( @HahaYes

CatR3kd (388)

Hmm... That's pretty awesome! Do you want to work together to make the ultimate unblocked games site? I already have one, but it uses iframes... We could dominate the battleground!

DynamicSquid (4532)

Wait... what if is blocked by the school filter????

PYer (3571)

It's linked to my personal domain. @DynamicSquid

PYer (3571)

haha. I guess if my domain gets blocked you can access it through at @DynamicSquid

DynamicSquid (4532)

So I can visit ___ on my school's Chromebook?

PYer (3571)

You should... It might not work for multiplayer video games, but and youtube videos, Reddit, all should work. @DynamicSquid

PyCoder01 (79)

@PYer can't the school check your browsing history?

PyCoder01 (79)

@PYer Can you go to a blocked website like youtube in china?

DynamicSquid (4532)

@PyCoder01 yes but there's no reason the school would

Pankak (46)

@PYer what about discord?