PyLife (Beta
mamamia5x (72)

I was given ownership to this game, original maker is @CoolJames1610. Thanks a lot @CoolJames1610.
Me and @ChezCoder split ownership.
Version history is found here

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DJWang (1005)

Really cool, but after I'm 24 yrs old it gets kind of boring. Maybe adding those Jobs and military? I had fun playing this!

mamamia5x (72)

@DJWang Planning to add them in. I am working on 2 projects currently, so I may not be updating frequently.


:D Yeah I'll be helping @mamamia5x as he said I could (was mine but game it to him) so I'll be helping him in some cases ;D @DJWang

ChezCoder (204)

hey @CoolJames1610 ! mamamia5x has shared his ownership with me and your game is better as ever! I even added an update log


cool! @ChezCoder

me002 (7)

@mamamia5x can I join in development?