PyNet! Back from the dead!!
TimothyAnderso1 (113)
Info Desk

Aight So basically like 3 months ago I made PyNet 2.0, it was held together by stack overflow answers and a dream, who would have guessed that made it unstable and horrid to work with, so I fixed the garbage parts, improved the good ones, and made it overall easier and more user-friendly!


Fixes, Bugs And Additions:


~All Data Entered into the site is now encrypted on a low level, so no one
can just take the key and see all your data, they will have to try first, and
trust me my spaghetti code is a challenge within itself

~Inbox Additions Like: Time Sent, Person sending 5 Max Pending messages, Alert For if you have new messages

~Login Is now a closed Loop, Meaning if you mess up you won't have to re-run the program


~Login not working at all
~Sign up overriding Existing accounts
~Notes Not updating
~Apps Not saving to keys
~Keys not loading on run


~ App creation Is not that stable, please use it with care and remember that it tends to crash

~The "Time Sent" Messaging thing is finicky with long names and Messages

~Encryption Might make a "/" if so, it will cause a crash

~Inbox Crashes you sometimes, I don't know why and im looking into it

Thanks for reading too here! This was made by Timothy Anderson With <3 :)

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pyelias (1481)

A few bugs:

  • there can only be one net app at a time
  • encryption needs more spaghet (or actual cryptography probably)
  • the nn key is never used
TimothyAnderso1 (113)

@pyelias @pyelias lmao i fucking knew it haha
the net app thing is made for only have 1 app open at a time, but i could import threading along with basic commands so code runs on things like message received or another app is opened and shit

Cant do encryption to well when all the code it public and im not sure of any way of doing so without a middle man server

And the NN key was for some net 2.0

overall thanks for the bug reports, its nice to see a familiar face on this new layout!