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PyRPG Editor
Tru_Dev (27)


I am currently making an engine to make RPGs in, kinda like RPG Maker. Anyways, it is still in progress, but I thought it was a good time to share and gain momentum.


  • 256x256 tile area
  • Pencil and Erase tools
  • Fill tool (slow on large areas)
  • Drag tool and Zoom with scroll wheel
  • Save and load using Tkinter file menu
  • 256x256 scrolling tilesets with tiles of 16x16
    I think that's it. More to come!

To Do:

  • Rectangle, Select, Autotile tools
  • Fix bugs
  • Polish stuff
  • Make Tkinter dialog more than just a set of menus
  • Actually make game mode, just an editor at the moment


If you would like a feature in PyRPG, comment below and I might put it in! Similarly, if you would like to help me, help is appreciated!

Rileygamer21 (35)

There are some problems but so far it looks really cool. I can't wait to see what else you do with it. :D

Tru_Dev (27)

@Rileygamer21 Thank you! I hope to fix the bugs and make the playable mode playable!

LeonDoesCode (374)

Looking good! Can't wait to see what gets added!

Tru_Dev (27)

@LeonDoesCode Thank you for your support!

LordoftheString (3)

This is amazing! Good luck moving forward; you'll do great!

Tru_Dev (27)

@LordoftheString Thanks! I really appreciate it!

V3rmillionNet (53)

AWESOME! Incredible job!

Tru_Dev (27)

@V3rmillionNet Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed!

AdCharity (1270)

Seems like there's a couple bugs (idk if it's just cause you're working on it currently, but it seems that it times out when I try to open certain files), but this is amazing :) I would consider converting this into an exe when you're done. I would help but... um... I can't code in python worth for my life...
this is a great application. I'm suprised there's not more upvotes :( I guess most people here are middle schoolers looking for games and not useful stuff

Tru_Dev (27)

@AdCharity It is a WIP, yeah, and the timing out is due to memory problems, but otherwise, it's fine...
Anyways, thanks! I really appreciate it!

AdCharity (1270)

@Tru_Dev yeah :) keep it up. I've never thought of something like this.