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Python Network!
TimothyAnderso1 (55)

PyNet 2.0 is my official release of my Python Network!, You can send messages and make apps for others to use!

Welp this was destroyed quickly, sorry about that :/

your username and password are saved to and the passwords are semi encrypted.

the apps you create are also saved and to top it off, the app creator works so well that it can actually run PyNet Inside of PyNet!
just use KeyCode: 'pynet' in lowercase without the " "

Thank You For Viewing!

This thing is dead

should of known that using json_store as data storage was a bad idea, seeing as its a public site and anyone can edit the data as long as they have the key...
it will still be usable but i wont be working on it,

IzanLarumbe (28)

This can be easily exploited, by spamming the messages, it can be in a way like a ddos attack to your inbox. Just need to make my bot...


Also when you mess up like typing something, it should repeat it’s last message and let the user try again instead of making the user re-run the repl @TimothyAnderso1 Nice work though.

ash15khng (234)

but can you access our passwords....

pyelias (657)

I just put a full set of commands in the "hax" app and under the username "haxacc" that let you read or modify passwords, mail, and apps. You might want to look into securing that a bit more.

TimothyAnderso1 (55)

@pyelias Welp time to make a new one.

Ah Shit, here we go again

pyelias (657)

@TimothyAnderso1 Also try logging in to "testacc5" with the password "aaaaaa", there's another vulnerability there. (I'm not sure if you can fix this on your own though, it's a problem with json-store-client. I'll talk to the creator of it later.)

TimothyAnderso1 (55)

@pyelias MY GUY HOW DID YOU DO THAT, its not a problem with json_store_client, i switched the ulr and it no longer dose that

pyelias (657)

@TimothyAnderso1 It is a problem with json_store_client, one of the libraries it's using (jsonpickle) lets you run arbitrary code if you put in the right data.

TimothyAnderso1 (55)

@pyelias oh, ok

also btw your hax app should use the keys variables instead of the key

TimothyAnderso1 (55)

My Username is 'testy' if you want to send something to someone

TimothyAnderso1 (55)

Use Help For a List of commands!