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Python OS 0.1.2 released
LimanData (31)

Minor updates/tweaks. Finally finished the documents section, allowing saved documents and a way to clear them if desired.

The next version has been released! Go check out the stable version:

ApoorvAgrawal (39)

you should add a lot more applications to this

IreoluwaRaufu (194)

Great job! I just wanted to say that there are a lot of places where the number of lines of code could be minimized, especially in the print statements. From lines 335 to 354, instead of repeating print("|") you could just put print("|\n"*x) where x is the number of times you want the statement to print. That can be used throughout the program.

Other than that this is great! 👍

LimanData (31)

@IreoluwaRaufu Will do. I'm new-ish to Python, thanks for the tip!

adityaru (149)

Hey, I really like it, are you willing to collab, I am decent at python 😃 (if you don't want to, I am totally fine with that)

LimanData (31)

@adityaru I'd be willing to. What do you have in mind?

LimanData (31)

@adityaru I just rolled out the stable version of this a minute ago, by the way. And sure, I'll join in just a bit.

adityaru (149)

@LimanData share me the latest release in

adityaru (149)

@LimanData You didn't share the repl with me

gameplayrawesom (127)

This is great keep on working!!

LimanData (31)

@LiamDonohue Thancc! This code is still pretty clunky, I hope to clean it up soon.