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Python Operating System
Crcoli7307 (29)

Welcome to PythonOS, an Operating System made with Python. To make a suggestion, please leave a comment below!

Current Revision v0.0.3.

v0.0.3 Updates:
Savable Text (Beta Feature)
Savable Passwords (Beta Feature)


Awesome Job!
Can I make this in html form, if you don't mind?

Crcoli7307 (29)

@Lizzie126 Yeah. Do you want me to give you the up to date one?


@Crcoli7307 Sure! Thanks!

Crcoli7307 (29)

Just Released v0.1.0 Final of PythonOS!

LoganSpong (49)

Cool! I also made a PythonOS.
(But it does'nt work for me.)

Crcoli7307 (29)

@LoganSpong Nice. I just finished the first Beta Release of PythonOS.