Python Public Chatroom
LoneAce (224)

Hello there!

Here is a small chatroom I coded with the Python Language. The method is very simple compared to other chatrooms so feel free to take reference from the code!

You can do /read to read without having to press enter

Link is here:

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  • Fixed Bug where people can become mod easily by entering [MOD] in their name
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You can bypass the mod check by making your name [MOD]name

LoneAce (224)

@sanjaykdragon Yup I noticed but it's fixed. Thanks for the info!


@LoneAce not gonna lie, this entire project is coded pretty badly. can you open it up or whatever so I can recode it?

LoneAce (224)

@sanjaykdragon Of course the repl can be forked just by editing anywhere in the code. I coded this pretty fast in order for me to communicate with my classmates during class so please understand the mess :)


@LoneAce alright, cleaned up some stuff, still some stuff left to fix though