Python Public Chatroom
LoneAce (226)

Hello there!

Here is a small chatroom I coded with the Python Language. The method is very simple compared to other chatrooms so feel free to take reference from the code!

You can do /read to read without having to press enter

Link is here:

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  • Fixed Bug where people can become mod easily by entering [MOD] in their name
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wobbly (2)

heyyyy as a fellow chatroom developer i do have to say that there's not really any security on this because everything is done client side. i understand there may be some reason for this, ie not being able to implement serverside functions, but it's really easy to "hack" because of the clientside (and thus changeable) restrictions. just a head's up. p.s. cool chat room :)

LoneAce (226)

@wobbly Yeah I noticed another dev telling me that I should separate the client and server using Flask. Still figuring out how