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Python Resources
themaka (186)

We keep seeing people ask for help programming -- it's time to keep a list of useful resources here on Repl.

Help me maintain this list - what great free resource am I missing?

(lists for other languages to follow)

SPQR (561)

Could we expand this list to include other languages as well? There's a lot more languages out there than Python, after all. :)

themaka (186)

@SPQR - that's the plan. I'll probably ask the community to help build each list. My google-fu is pretty good, but people probably already have favorites for each language.

PYer (3571)

Book: Python 3 Pocket Primer
Challenges: Talk

Scoder12 (770)

Its a really good tutorial and the author is really talented (jk)

themaka (186)

@Scoder12 ... I see what you did there.