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Python3 interpreter
Andi_Chin (220)

I poured my heart and soul into this program. It literally took me hundreds of seconds to build this modern python interpreter plz upvote I have a family to feed

This post has been locked
CSharpIsGud (635)

why do things like this get so many upvotes compared to repls that actually contain a program with more than 1 line

rediar (372)

@CSharpIsGud why do things like this get so many upvotes compared to comments that actually contain a thought.
PS: sorry, but seriosuly you could just not upvote it and move on. This joke has been abused a bit too much though.

bossotron13 (71)

Why does stuff like this get up voted? This justs kills projects that people actually put effort in.

Andi_Chin (220)

@bossotron13 this post is a satire of the situation

SixBeeps (3186)

@bossotron13 it's one line how is it not satire?

Highwayman (1383)

L — nope no loop sorry.

Zexogon (873)

[insert filthy frank it’s time to stop meme here]

RobertFurr (63)

i like it but you can't feed your family upvotes

Andi_Chin (220)

@RobertFurr my family consists of several egotistical teenagers

RobertFurr (63)

@Andi_Chin I'm afraid upvotes won't help with that :\

Vandesm14 (2425)

You are kidding me. Please, for goodness sake, take down this post before I do. is not supposed to be filled with memes and "funny" posts of zero effort. It's supposed to be a place of innovation and worthwhile projects. This is none of those.

ChungusFam (9)

The best thing ever.

AndrewBota (0)

I used the Python to create the Python


MrMinimax (139)

Take this garbage down please :D. No one should be giving upvotes to this guy.

Warhawk947 (527)

why the frick does this have so many upvotes

TurtleAndrew (74)

This must have taken years... Hope you know how to eat up votes.

AsaCook (0)

lol no work put into this

MrMinimax (139)

mmmmmm, I love having grilled upvotes.

ms182199 (0)

I would upvote it if it worked

CaseyMoreau (0)

That did not take long to do!
L — nope no loop sorry.

Thecrowbar1234 (137)

u should use a while loop:
otherwise good job. I did not know about the eval() function.