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Quick: Ask questions, get answers
Vandesm14 (2254)

Have you ever asked a question on a forum but hated how long it took to get the answer? Here's the problem: Most forums aren't designed for speed. The issue is that they are a pick-and-choose system which means that most questions go unanswered due to lack of exciting title or lack of interest. Quick fixes this problem by switching the workflow; Instead of you going to the question, with Quick, the question comes to you.

Quick allows every question to be seen by a helper. If you don't want to answer a specific question, just refresh the page. Quick makes it easy to answer questions incredibly quickly. It offers a few helpful shortcuts to speed up the process:
Esc: Skips the current question
Shift+Enter: Submits the current answer

Ask questions, get answers. All within the blink of an eye.

Try it out:

PDanielY (980)

Why is the repl private?

Vandesm14 (2254)

@PDanielY Because I'm testing with a file-db which isn't encrypted yet. I didn't want info public, despite how unimportant it is.