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Quick game I made
fgarry25 (101)

Here is a quick game I made inspired by The Stanley Parable!
Check it out

willDawg (2)

How long did this take you?

BobDog (1)

neat! forgets about it

JonathanGreensh (2)

Please fix the spelling and grammar.

zoedakis (1)

this game is so adorable and friendly! I love it!

AlexanderTarn (224)

How was the snake game made so short yet so better than mine

thejoeman24 (21)

nice code!
I really liked the snake and the picture

yahyazkh (3)

well that made me smile thanks..great effort tho

17maggsp (0)

this was hilarious

Andi_Chin (142)

how did you update the screen seamlessly? ie: without lagging

TapDot33 (0)

This is amazing. It's very enjoyable!

diego3v4 (0)

Had some fun with this. Very basic but another way to be entertained.

JustinPhillip (22)

It's neat, ight imma go forget about this forever \s

DiputS (0)

damn it, harry

Luciel707 (0)

That was really cool ^^

ipastrano (88)

This is really funny and cool :D

taylordhill (3)

man, i wouldn't call this a quick game, good job !

ShadedFlame (21)

Wow, taking forever to load. Must be huge.