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Quiz Time!
Lost0Soul (76)

Soon Moving To A Web Server


Who dosen't love a good quiz! One that you can play anytime and also add questions to!

Well that's right! You can add your own questions to this quiz!

I plan on adding a lot in the future such as possibly even user accounts and scoring and so on...
I have also realised that there are tons of "backdoors" in here but ill get them fixed to over time!

Till then, Have Fun Answering and Contributing!

ZDev1 (319)

The question is Is cactus green everytime

Lost0Soul (76)

The web app is now out!

Its not that great, sowey

Lost0Soul (76)

Update: Ive realised that you guys cant save questions and also are having some troubles with the rendering....

Ive been working on a web app for the same project and it is 90% done, im at the last part [ scoring ] and I'll launch it within today!

Again, really sorry for the inconveniences and thanks for the comments and suggestions that helped me improve and make this better.

Nettakrim (379)

can you remove the time.sleep()s after inputs, it makes the program feel slow and unresponsive, which then causes me to assume that it didnt get my input, so i type it again unintentionally causing it to skip past the next input

Lost0Soul (76)

@Nettakrim The new version of the program should solve all this, refer to the Status Update for more info :))

Lost0Soul (76)

Really sorry for the question not getting saved thing, if you could put your question in the commeents ill add it myself... Thanks :)

DannyIsCoding (519)

@Lost0Soul Where can I write the question, because if I write it here everyone will see the answer

Lost0Soul (76)

Really sorry for having only 1 question... Ill asd many more today and also make it so to save your questions ;)

CodingRobot12 (187)

I think it works now maybe

Gaganjit1234 (1)


eekboi (237)

@Gaganjit1234 Hey! can ya calm down on the exclamation marks please? Thanks in advance!

Funkus (186)

It is literally the same question every time... bruh :(

Lost0Soul (76)

Should i make the invite public so you guys could join and then successfully add the new questions?

VulcanWM (1961)

That is a good and bad idea, a good idea because everybody's questions will be on there. And a bad idea because anybody can edit your repl @Lost0Soul

Lost0Soul (76)

@VulcanWM Mogjt just conveting this project to a flask servet

SreePaladugu (9)

Is it the same question the whole time?

Lost0Soul (76)

@SreePaladugu Thanks for it but ive realised that they dont save and ill find something to solve that soon!

Lost0Soul (76)

@SreePaladugu Its just cause there is only 1 question atm

Lost0Soul (76)

@Lost0Soul Havtn added many as i didnt have time, ill work on more soon

NoelB33 (308)

Files don’t persist on, you need to use an external database.

Lost0Soul (76)

@NoelB33 Sadly, i realised that :(. Ill work on it and try my best to use some sort of DB

VulcanWM (1961)

There is an error in here.

Lost0Soul (76)

@VulcanWM Im sure there is! I had to put it out so people can start addin questions to it and i eould love it if you were to tell me what that error is so i can correct it 😊

VulcanWM (1961)

There are not questions, so you can't choose a question. btw, if the person taking the quiz doesn't have permission to edit the repl, their questions will most likely not save.

You want some help? Invite me to your repl, and I'll help you @Lost0Soul

Lost0Soul (76)

@VulcanWM Agreed and ill find out a way to save em, elsewise, ill be more than happy to invite you