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*REAL* Social Media Site!
CodeSalvageON (591)

Hey guys.
I know the term social media has been thrown around a lot recently, but before you make a social media site, you really need to know the meaning of what social media is.

In truth, social media is any platform that allows you to create smaller networks or communities within it. This social media site allows you to do just that. If you create a post under the same name as another post, that post will go under the categories of that original post. Congratulations! You have just created a small community.

Have fun, and enjoy. If you liked this, please upvote and share with your friends.

sugarfi (587)

you should make it so people can create categories but still name their posts different things, and make a post without a video or image

Leroy01010 (382)

how do you make social media sites????

CodeSalvageON (591)

@Leroy01010 Use a networking lang or framework, such as PHP, Python, or you can use NodeJS, Flask, CGI, and even Ruby on Rails.

Coder100 (10843)

coder100 was here
That's my post
Enjoy :)