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🎨Random Mondrian Art Generator🎨

Most minimalist modern art appears random, so why not make it truly random (fine, pseudorandom)? This code randomly generates work of art in the style of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian (see more of his art on Google).

Here is one of the originals:

This is a work my mondrian art generator made!

There is a visible difference and you can tell that this work was not an original. But to me they still look visibly appealing.

Try making your own art by clicking this link >

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I love the randomness of the art! Nice job!

HappyFakeboulde (211)

@IEATPYTHON why are you commenting on your own post


@HappyFakeboulde ssshh it raises my self esteem

ArpanDhatt (144)

Actually, Mondrain's works are not random, but they follow certain rules found in nature. Studies were shown that people can actually distinguish real ones from fakes simply because the real one was more appealing, despite being the same size and using the same colors.

themaka (176)

Very cool. What gave you the idea? Are you a fan of Mondrian art?

Check out:


@themaka I actually find Mondrian art kind of dumb. Seeing it is so simple and nothing stands out about it. So I thought I could automate this art and generate art simmlar to it and the originals.

Zavexeon (236)

I like this. :D

I think maybe give an option to export the image. :) That'd make it even neater.

HappyFakeboulde (211)

Maybe increase the maximum complexity of the shapes and the ratio of colors to white?
Otherwise it's good.
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