Random between 3 and 3
MrPerson01 (130)

this repl picks a number between 3 and 3. It is very random and I bet you cannot guess what it will output each time!

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mamamia5x (68)

Repl.it is dying.

Vandesm14 (2018)

@mamamia5x Yeah. It's sad. I remember the days of the OG repl talk: "ibuiltthis". Now, repl talk is just "I think im funny because I took an idea and copied it". I used to see awesome trends of people making programs and upping each other, competing for upvotes. Now, it's just the same idea of jokes which somehow get more attention. I hope repl talk gets back into the phase of trending projects and people taking the ideas and making them better. That is how people get inspired. They take an idea and improve on it. Innovation