Random between 3 and 3
MrPerson01 (130)

this repl picks a number between 3 and 3. It is very random and I bet you cannot guess what it will output each time!

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Zexogon (641)

@Zavexeon @MrEconomical i feel that programs like these should not appear on the home page or should exist at all, all those who make amazing projects are being swept under the rug by people who make lazy posts like this it was funny the first few times but I see this everywhere now and I feel like it sends a message that this is the easiest way to get cycles, is there a way to have these posts limited or removed from the trending page?

Zavexeon (930)

@Zexogon Why'd you ping Mr. Economical? I can't remove them from the trending page unless I lock or delete them.

Zexogon (641)

@Zavexeon He usually has good insight on things