Random between 3 and 3
MrPerson01 (130)

this repl picks a number between 3 and 3. It is very random and I bet you cannot guess what it will output each time!

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Zexogon (693)

Amazing projects like @Altarias rpg game are just swept to the side while this stuff makes trending it really makes me upset (btw I don’t hate @MrPerson01 its not his fault)


@Zexogon you do know its the community who likes them right its not that it is randomly liked by bots

Zexogon (693)

@thecrabempire I’m aware but the fact that so many people are amused by this is kind of disappointing, isn’t It?
We already have so many of these and when you give them attention your feeding the fire i obviously don’t hate the dude for making it I just hate these posts @MrPerson01 if your reading my comments please keep making things I would love to see some sort of Python
program even if it’s a simple calculator like the one I made in lua I really do appreciate everyone on this site (I’m aware I’m getting kinda worked up by this it’s just that there are so many good posts I think should have made trending that never got it)


@Zexogon i agree the posts are lazy but there are no other sites to post jokes like this at least not that i know of they should maybe make sections for short programs or joke programs

Altarias (43)

@Zexogon I am not here to be famous, I am here to have fun. And to share and evolve. I don't care about some spot on some leaderboard, I just wanna do what I like.

Edit: Also, comedy.

TaylorLiang (656)

F he deleted his account

rediar (219)

@Zexogon its funny. get over it. yes other people have better projects, and yes they should get shouted out. But dont criticize this