colorful double helix
procoder165 (133)

was bored again in class so I decided to make this.

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MatthewDoan1 (326)

@RayvelArjoon What are you talking about? You're saying that JS can link to HTML and CSS. Oh WoW JaVaScRiPt Is A fRoNt-EnD cOdInG lAnGuAgE wHiLe jAvA iSn'T!!! Java is usually used for the back-end, so they are not comparable (in this case). Also, yes Java takes more time but that doesn't mean it's stupid. Python is quick-and-easy but I hate it because of its indentation policy. Also, this isn't even "proper graphics". This is just a fun little thing he made in the console. Tell me, what "proper" graphics can you do with JavaScript besides the web page? Java can be used with LWJGL, JavaFX, Slick2D, etc. for computer games. Also, you can make Android apps with Java. Meanwhile, here we are using JavaScript for what? Oh wow a text box can move omg so cool.