Re:Offline the Python, HTML/CSS/JS Offline Editor
AdCharity (1261)


Unfortunately, my school blocks pretty much everything, including the text editor app. I found that pretty sad - now I can't even code on my computer locally >:( As such, I created Re:Offline (I changed the name from Re:HTML when I found python support), which is basically an html, css, js and python editor that you can download and use freely.


  1. local storage saving,
  2. file downloading (it will default to the .html file extentsion, but you can easily change that),
  3. tabs (which are usually not supported on text areas),
  4. an iframe/window preview, and even
  6. python support
  7. syntax highlighting/numbers lines


  1. file structure...
  2. auto complete


  1. Skulpt
  2. CodeMirror
    Made with obviously
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AdCharity (1261)

@Rileygamer21, @PDanielY, @PowerCoder I have tried to implement your suggestions! I will be adding pygame, a file system of sorts, autofill (with js hint), and a better console.
New Features:
1. Syntax highlighing
2. Improved file upload
3. Runs python with turtle graphics
4. Jacked up js console (working on making it take inputs/work with html "edits")

Python Example

Jacked up console (adding to html later, only works for .js files as of time of writing)

PDanielY (966)

@AdCharity hmm codemirror. I wonder how it works.

AdCharity (1261)

@PDanielY I'm thinking about switching to ace... I believe code mirror scans the current text and mirrors it some where else with the appropriate styling. The effect is the user spends time on a fake text area but what's actually being displayed is a javascript edited one with syntax highlighing/styles.

AdCharity (1261)

@PDanielY actually monaco looks better. I'll do that - I think that's what repl uses too

AdCharity (1261)

@NathanWoo thanks but I'm really not that great