Office Crawler
Peanut123 (50)

A text based, sudo dungeon crawler, typing game following a former Microhard employee taking revenge on his former coworkers.

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Jolx (2)

Really nice game, I loved the map system! One problem I see with the game is the lack of a 'very easy' mode. I'm an ... average typist, and I was struggling on easy. One thing I would recommend would be to add an expert difficulty, and shift each difficulty down one, i.e. hard is now expert, medium is now hard, and easy is now medium. Then you could add an easy mode, to create 4 difficulties. Easy afterwards would be more forgiving than easy right now.


@Jolx The difficulties have been updated to make playing this game more enjoyable. Thank you for pointing this out, and sorry for the delay. We are working on a new game, and it took us a while to get to this fix. Have fun!