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Reddit Scraper using Reddit API (unblocked)
nithilan4 (89)

use "" to use a cleaner url without my name

totally not created to unblock reddit

LeoChristensen (3)

Great Job with V3! This makes Scraper even better. One bug or limitation i found is that subrettits only show about 50 or so posts down before it stops and doesnt load more. other that that great repl! A YouTube scraper would be cool too

LeoChristensen (3)

also anything that has the word unbl ocked in our school gets banned. Chaning all of those into u n b l o c k e d bypasses schol filters.

hunter12756 (2)

This is awesome, also actually unblocks reddit in school! Only complaint is that when I click posts sometimes it loads random posts, typically one up or one down, other than that it is fantastic and showcases just how powerful flask can be.

nithilan4 (89)

@hunter12756 ah i know why. basically when you click the back button, it loads the same page, but the database updates because it gets the stuff in hot, which is subject to change. if you click that green button with the subreddit at the top of the post list, then you refresh the list. sorry about that!

nithilan4 (89)

@hunter12756 also thanks to you i fixed some major bugs and usability issues

DylanCha (0)

LOOK HERE, LOOK LISTEN. Thanks for allowing me to view reddit.

JotsarupNarula (0)

Yo this actually works in school, finally got to use Reddit thanks man

nithilan4 (89)

custom domains don't work with flask :/