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Repl IRC

A IRC made in python. (please dont call me a IRC-Boomer).
It has the following features:

  • Channel creation
  • Account creation (ask to be mod)
  • Sending/receiving messages
  • Colors
  • Passwords

@RomeroSchwarz and @Zavexeon had helped with the filter, and @RomeroSchwarz helped me by recommending it put on the server.

Edit: Commands

  • /list: lists all the avaliable channels that you can join
  • /goto <channel>. If <channel> does not exists, you create it, otherwise u join it
    Mod commands (only mods can use this):
  • /clear: clears all channels
  • /ban <username>: bans that user for a unknown amount of time
    Edit: Disclaimer, there is no user called taylorliang. Im admin, or a random guest.
    Edit: Dont use /join, use /goto

@CodeSalvageON php more like pp


@CodeSalvageON meat that I beat


@Giothecoder oh my god. Zero width spaces

Giothecoder (134)

@TaylorLiang XD I had a friend the other day who used those to make it look like his essay was 100 wordschars it was hilarious lol.


@Giothecoder lol. People spammed it on the discord yesterday

RomeroSchwarz (271)

ok idea since it's so easy to get past the filter: put the filter on the receiving end. This won't prevent people from sending stuff, but it'll prevent everyone else from seeing it.


@RomeroSchwarz ill try to do that, thanks


@RomeroSchwarz thanks, filter now works. Also removes clutter. Ill give u and zave credit in the description

Zavexeon (1180)

I request mod :3c


@Zavexeon ok, im gunna invite you to a repl. just tell me what your username and password will be on the repl

ChungusFam (9)

Full on "BoomerBot".


Can I be mod?


@CodeABC123 sure, ill invite you to a repl


What else do I have to do? And what’s the name of the repl? @TaylorLiang


@CodeABC123 i just invited u to it. Just write down what username u want, and the password u want


@CodeABC123 no i meant in the repl I shared with u. You might want to change that, as now people can see that :/


Oh, silly me. I’ll change it. @TaylorLiang

Warhawk947 (542)

very good project
btw I have a suggestion:
can you make it so I don't have to press enter all the time to refresh the message flow? that would be great!


@Warhawk947 im trying to do that, but right now im just focusing on getting it running, and improving performance (so that flicker will be less common)