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amasad (1374)

It started from just trying out but people on the discord ( loved it so we made it better. Join discord and check it out :D

Edit: I made it into a server so that it stays up:

MohammadZ (1)

I try to run your program, however it is coming up with the note above could you please fix this issue thanks

amasad (1374)

@MohammadZ Hey -- you need to fork it and then put your secrets in .env

MohammadZ (1)

can u fix


: (

amasad (1374)

@MohammadZ What's this from? Please explain

chenleo_ (0)

Hi amasad! Can I try it on my server? That'll be real cool!

amasad (1374)

@chenleo: yes fork it and change the token please

LoganFerreri1 (2)

what is the prefix

DylanM1 (0)

@user23802991: what you use for commands

amasad (1374)

@dylanm1: if statements ¯_()_/¯

Lamby777 (36)

Discord integration is revolutionary...

amasad (1374)

@lamby777: are you in our server?

Lamby777 (36)

@user23802991: School WiFi blocks discord but I will be soon... :)

JoshDaBosh (70)

Perhaps you should hide the token?

amasad (1374)

@notbehindyou: team is working on a secrets environment variables file

t_games (2)

When I try it just gives me an error at the last line

Shinyy (8)

Not bad! I'll see if I can join the server soon.