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HarshitGupta2 (1)

So I was messing around a bit and typed in the url which to my surprise results in an actual endpoint.

Now, I expected this url to lead me to a page prompting me to choose a language or just plop me into a coding sandbox, but it turned out to be something more... interesting.

Right so going onto seems to bring you onto a "Native Browser Javascript" repl, and comes with some autogenerated code about a flying cat-bird named jane (quite epic). Even weirder this url creates an anonymous repl even if you're logged in (you can fork it, however, and save the copy to your account). Even even weirder, this repl doesn't allow you to create or upload new files or folders like a normal repl does. Even even even weirder, "Native Browser Javascript" doesn't even seem to be an option when it comes to creating a repl within the "+ new repl" menu, as selecting JavaScript within the "+ new repl" menu actually creates a new NodeJS repl.

But actually, upon further consideration, I'm guessing this is actually remnant of maybe a legacy slice of kept probably for compatibility.

If anything though, I haven't seen anyone else talking about this and thought it was pretty cool so thought to share.

Anyone else got any alternative theories? lore always be cash money.

Coder100 (12434)

hi! Yeah, that is a thing. Anyways, my favorite is

I believe this may have come from the early days of repl?

Vandesm14 (2554)

@Coder100 Yeah, before the @user/repl system, they used hash values for permalinks to repls.

ironblockhd (411)

Really cool but not an easter egg, replit redirects three letter/number paths to repls for some reason, for example you also can go to or