LeVi0826 (6)

LuigiBot is a discord bot I have been working on for a while with a bit of help, it's main purpose was originally a database where you can add to
this is an example of it being used. This was originally made for Smashcords, a series of discords for the game Smash ultimate, the bot has since evolved into something much greater, including mod commands, some fun commands, a matchmaking command for a certain server (soon cross matchmaking), and even at one point NSFW image detection, now i still want to implement this, but I need to find a host to do so.

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MrCake (0)

" refused to connect."

LeVi0826 (6)

@MrCake It is not working because i have removed some files so people are not able to view logs, and start/stop it since it is being used in multiple servers.