site wide dark theme!
mat1 (3291) Dark Theme

Go to for instructions

Here are some images on how will look after you install this extension:

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hayaodeh (184)

@mat1 This is amazing, and thanks for sharing it. Do you have an estimate on how many people are using it?
Would it be helpful if we shared with you our dark theme color palette? for contrast and guidelines.

mat1 (3291)

@hayaodeh Thanks! In the Discord server, only around like 10 people have mentioned how they actually use it, but Cloudflare estimates that there are 716 unique visitors per month. Also, I have a "blue" version of the theme in the custom theme list but I personally don't like it because it strains my eyes at night.

Cloudflare statistics:

hayaodeh (184)

@mat1 This is awesome. Do you where are they coming from? and how they learned about it?
if you and I can make it better we can surface it more on and more and more people will use it