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Resolution Maker! (New Years!)
Coder100 (15738)

Happy New Years!

It's almost new years! And you know what that means! It's time to write your resolutions!

Oh also I'm getting an iPhone poggers so the design is just rounded boxes inside more rounded boxes


This was made today because I wanted to make a countdown timer. I accidentally added the resolutions lol


You can write resolutions, and you can also see other peoples' resolutions! Still not satisfied? You can also watch the time count down as long as it isn't 2021! Oh yeah, also you can log in with, how poggers!

How to use

Step 1. Log in

(scroll down)

Step 2. Stare at the countdown timer

Try staring at it until like it gets to 0 on all the 4 squares! Then you will see a very nice surprise :))

Step 3. Write a new resolution!

You know you want to do it... but will you actually follow through?

Step 4. make a permalink!

Try out mine!

Step 5. Now look at other peoples' resolutions!

Step 6. Stare at the countdown again!

Did you accidentally follow the other steps?


I hope you liked the program! I really like how the design turned out, and the apple background adds a nice touch :)))

Plz comment below your permalinks, thanks!

ch1ck3n (1274)

if i would have known my resolutions would have been posted to everyone


but i like css very much


i really love css html and jss also

coder400 (24)

wowowowowwo very pog

Baconman321 (781)

Broken :(

Making a new years resolution isn't working.

JBloves27 (1523)

Wait, maybe make it so that people can make more than one resolution?

JBloves27 (1523)

So it looks like you can only post one resolution per account, so make it maybe so each account can post more than one resolution @Coder100

Coder100 (15738)

hmm how about I enabled editing xd @JBYT27

JBloves27 (1523)

XD yeah, i think that would work XD @Coder100

alanchen12 (25)

Lol nice, I just wish the repl auth worked on incognito.

Coder100 (15738)

oof, try clicking the button twice after you logged in @alanchen12

alanchen12 (25)

Lol it doesn't work, I've tried with both the repl look back and this, it just doesn't work. @Coder100

Vandesm14 (2620)

This is awesome! I love the design!

Coder100 (15738)

rounded boxes inside rounded boxes ftw @Vandesm14