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Revert the old run button back to it's original glory!
RossJames (302)

Do you like the old run button? Do you want it back? Now you can! I made a tampermonkey script!

To install it, first make sure you have the tampermonkey chrome extension (or whatever browser). (get it here

Then, click the extension and go to "Dashboard", after doing this, it will be simple, head over to the utility tab, and scroll to the bottom.

In the box that lets you add from URL, paste this link:

Then add it!

If you want to check the code for yourself, an unminified version can be found here:

What does it look like?

Do the animations work?


Some extra things have been added, like moving the share button a bit!

Please note, this plugin checks with the server to make sure your version is up to date, so if the server goes down, the plugin might take a min to boot up.


HarperframeInc (333)

With the new CSS upgrades, i'm afraid this script is going to ruin the look

RossJames (302)

@HarperframeInc ¯_(ツ)_/¯ don't like it, don't use it

hg0428 (169)

NO, I like the new one

Leroy01010 (242)


eekboi (271)

@RossJames OH. Sorry, I didn't see the context of the post and thought this was a suggestion. My bad.

SixBeeps (2978)

I'd pull color variables from the root instead of using color constants so that there's compatibility with light theme

Otherwise, nice work! Did you manage to get the styling from somewhere hidden in the site?

RossJames (302)

@SixBeeps Don't use light theme. And, I recoded the old one

Name12 (117)

just a fun little program