Mouse Game
bearbearmo (194)


This is a top down shooter that only requires a mouse to play. A mouse is required, if you're not using a mouse it's likely you'll have difficulty moving and shooting at the same time. Enemies constantly spawn and attack you as you kill them. see how long you can last and comment your high score!

How To Play

To move just right click and move your cursor to where you want to go. To shoot just move your cursor and left click.


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sylashur (49)

Review: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Description: This game sucks you can't move at all and when you shoot the bullets fly so slow this game has literally no technical aspect all you do is sit there and shoot at enemies that can literally one shot you the only thing that this game has is really really good graphics but that doesn't make up for the design choices. Just because I'm playing on a device that does not support the actual mechanics of the game does not mean I can't spread how much I hate this game. (Actually a pretty good game though like if I had a mouse instead of a chromebook I would like this game a lot more and I'm sure I would so I'll just say it's great)

NarwhalFanatic (28)

@sylashur dude. if you dont like it dont talk about it. >-_-

KobeFF (1290)

@sylashur DEFINETLY. No offence VERY cool game, but I can't move!!!! Would give 3 to 4 stars tho. Not bad... Not bad at all...

sylashur (49)

@KobeFF Yeah but actually I'm going to play this on a computer with a mouse to get the full experience.

DJWang (1358)

@KobeFF You have to hold right click while moving your cursor.

sylashur (49)

@DJWang Yup it's pretty great

NarwhalFanatic (28)

@KobeFF you need to hold the right mouse button