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Rock, Paper, Scissors
CodeSalvageON (503)

Javascript rock paper scissors game. Hope you enjoy.

xolyon (333)

Great Job , keep making cool projects

Geocube101 (588)

You should turn this into a server to allow multiplayer

xolyon (333)

Do you have a score count or something and I was a but confused at the start with the
Scissors , you chose rock

CodeSalvageON (503)

@xolyon no it really doesn't have a score count

ssebastianoo (8)

Nice, but you can simple make the code easier doing only function yourRoll(rolltype) and not a function for every roll type.
With math.floor you can make a choice from a list, you don't need to use numbers, I forked it here

CodeSalvageON (503)

@ssebastianoo That is a much better version!

Commodore95 (8)

It gets a boring after a while