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bigheart2018 (0)

Hello guys
I want to ask you a question. I am a new beginner of learning python. I had a problem when i was working on typing the code. It showed to me only the previous works i did not this code i typed which is : print("Lesson 6 : loops"
for x in range (0, 10)

SwaagatB (12)

@bigheart2018 , I think you missed out a parenthesis on
print("Lesson 6: loops

ADoctor (3)

@bigheart2018 If you haven't worked it out yet, here is the code you should be using:

print("Lesson 6: Loops")
for x in range(0,10):

Note that I am using an underscore next to 'print(x)'. Replace that with an indent (I'm only using them because you can't indent in these comments using spaces)

ChristianThone (35)

You can do it with three back ticks at the beginning and the end so it will look like this

print("Lesson 6: Loops")
for x in range(0, 10):

In case you didn't see it, I converted x to a string because if you didn't it will bring up an error.

Anyways you can check out more about styling your posts by clicking here

Your solution is at the top of this post in the code block I hope this helped!