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Rummy in JAVA language Card Game
Chgearft (2)

Rummy in java lets make it using cards to make decks and players will have scores to determine a winner. Lets just have a good time and lets use arrays or something of that sort, nothing overly advanced unless you want to, because I am not too advanced but I still know enough to create a card game.

Join me live here for the most updated version:

I am somewhat new to the platform so not entirely sure how many people can join but we will update this as much as possible

CodeSalvageON (519)

Nice, this could be useful for people who want to make card games.

Chgearft (2)

@CodeSalvageON Thank you :D Is there a way to invite tons of people onto one shared document like I want to make this thing be live updated where we can all talk and work on it together do you know if that's possible?

CodeSalvageON (519)

@Chgearft, I'm a super lazy developer, and I know some shortcuts. There's a nice tutorial showing you how to make a terminal chatroom, but, if you really want to do no work at all, I suggest putting the card game in a webpage, with the game on one side and an embedded google document(Turn link sharing on) on the other side.