Rummy in JAVA language Card Game
Chgearft (2)

Rummy in java lets make it using cards to make decks and players will have scores to determine a winner. Lets just have a good time and lets use arrays or something of that sort, nothing overly advanced unless you want to, because I am not too advanced but I still know enough to create a card game.

Join me live here for the most updated version:

I am somewhat new to the platform so not entirely sure how many people can join but we will update this as much as possible

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CodeSalvageON (519)

@Chgearft, I'm a super lazy developer, and I know some shortcuts. There's a nice tutorial showing you how to make a terminal chatroom, but, if you really want to do no work at all, I suggest putting the card game in a webpage, with the game on one side and an embedded google document(Turn link sharing on) on the other side.